We landed in Denver Wednesday night later than we expected because of a late flight from Ljubljana to Chicago – missing the Chicago to Denver flight. We delighted in the sight of the Colorado mountains.

The first thing I did on Thursday morning was cut off the rest of my hair that I had been dropping all over Slovenia and Italy. On the flight home I wrote the following:

My brush overflowed with hair
falling out, over and over again,
each time I brushed it.

When I awoke my pillow
was covered with hair.

Hair formed a cape
over my shoulders, neck and back.

Concrete, repeating evidence,
my life had changed.

How quickly perspectives can change.
Initially, somewhat anxious about losing my hair,
now, I wanted it gone,
this bother of a hair trail, everywhere.

Life lived fully
holds so many surprises and gifts.

I am OPEN to them all.

After Chemo yesterday I was feeling fine and ran a number of errands. I did not even mind standing in a long line at the post office waiting to mail books to Ashville for the upcoming coaching retreat of Success Unlimited Network™ Coaches. I anticipated the glorious connections with fabulous individuals devoted to transforming the world and of my talk about “Greatness!”

I know that “Greatness!” is a BIG word, sometimes difficult to understand. You have already experienced your greatness, even if you did not recognize it at the time. Think of an experience when you felt you were being TOTALLY YOU, expressing your true essence. How did that feel? REALLY HOW did that FEEL? When this happens to me I feel expansive, like my essence is smiling deep within my being. My commitment is to live from my true essence. Everything I AM and DO is to help evoke greatness

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