Lydia Doty’s house was filled with message professionals,  hair stylists, make up artists, models, all of whom lived or are living through the cancer experience, and organizers from “Hope Lives” sharing Quiches made by Cathie or food donated by The Rustic Oven, wearing clothes from various boutique clothing stores in Fort Collins and Loveland. Stories floated through the air, the same and yet uniquely different. Compassionate eyes met your gaze and those who have experienced the “deadly fatigue” knew exactly what you meant. This was a celebration of life of extraordinary degree – a reaffirming that “Hope Lives!” The “photoshoot” was done to music with a cheering squad of models and of course, Lydia.

I had been told to “not overdo!” I don’t think I have ever really understood that concept. However, when I returned home about 4 o’clock from this event that started with hair styling at C&S Workshop (early in the morning), Thanks so much, Shauna,  I collapsed. The “aches” returned with vengence. I took medications but… Several hours later I began to get relief.

This is a time of suffering. I know it will end and that I am protecting my body from reoccurance of my high risky tumor.

Thanks, Annette, for a beautiful walk. We walked at a slow pace covering about the same distance as I did Monday and Tuesday. The joy of being in the fresh mountain air surrounded by the expansive vistas of the mountains nourishes the body and the soul.