Watch and listen to Joan read Emily Dickenson’s poem “I dwell in Possibility.”Video 7.

As I walked today, a full hour reaching my normal mid-point site, I thought about what is the first step in “Dwelling in Possibility” in meeting a challenge. It has been for me and I believe it is also true for you that “knowing you can” is the first step in bringing forth your greatness to meet a new challenge.

I mentioned this to a colleague and they said, “Oh, but I am not facing a life-threatening challenge.”   “Neither am I,” I quickly responded, “This condition is NOT life threatening, it is life enhancing!”

Regardless of how big or how small you may view your challenge(s), it is important to KNOW that you have within you resources to meet it. I KNOW this is true for ALL of us, without a shadow of a doubt. We would not be presented that challenge if we did not have the resources to meet it.

The problem is you may not be aware of your inner resources. You may not have brought forth many of them, to date. This does not mean they are not there. They are. AND they are awaiting your call to come forth.

Let us together, you and me, call forth our greatness to meet ALL the challenges we currently face in our lives.