Watch Joan speaking from her office in this video Video 2.

After surgery we returned to our friend’s home in Denver and soon thereafter I began eating fruit, laying down and watching TV of “Big Cats” with Stu. Later I was able to have supper with Maggie’s family and guest. It was wonderful.

This morning we had breakfast at “Snooze” a great place on Colorado Blvd and 7th in Denver and headed out for Redstone Canyon. When we returned I donned my hiking boots and we took off for my first post surgery walk – 15 min.


I am bulging with a complete bandage that encircles my torso but also 3 tubes, one for drainage, another a port for chemotherapy – when it does begin, and a third magical one that dispenses local anesthesia without any input from me. I am sore but am not in pain. Whee!

I embrace each day as it emerges. The pathology report, which we should get by Wednesday, will let us know if the margins of the lump were clear. If so, no additional surgery will be needed. If however, the margins are not clear, there will be a second surgery, a mastectomy. I will meet that challenge should it arise.

In the meantime, I am working, taking calls and talking with people. I will have days when I will need to address some procedure and cannot work but feel free to contact me, clients, coaches in training, friends etc.

This is a journey I walk knowing that each step allows me to bring forth MORE of the greatness that lies within ALL OF US!

Thank you ALL for your emails, calls, etc. and for volunteering to walk with me next week.  I am sending each of you glorious energy to live the fullness of your lives as I live the fullness of mine!