Most of the time we scurry around rushing to go here and there, do this and that, meet this deadline or that one – Where is the room for YOU in your life?  Women’s Empowerment Workshop, in Vail, Sept 15 – 18, is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with YOU. I know that if you come to the Women’s Empowerment Workshop you will renew, explore and BE with YOU in new and empowering ways!

I am excited to play a major part as a Life Coach in this unique workshop. I will present two seminars and a follow-up webinar. We will kick off the retreat with a seminar to foster you in Envisioning Your Life as you want it to be. We’ll explore times when you thrived, even though you might have been faced with significant challenges.  We’ll steep ourselves in the energy of thriving and invite you to see yourself with new eyes – understanding that you are more than you have ever experienced yourself to be.  We will explore the neural basis of how to transform old patterns into new neural pathways to support you in going forth. Throughout the workshop, you’ll unfold more and more of this new vision of yourself as you dive into nature and learn from the essential wisdom there, through rock climbing, experiencing the healing power of horses, hiking and nature photography, and rafting your river of life.  Guided by experts, you will reconnect with your inner being, gain new insights and  discover new depths and capacity of your being.

At the end of the workshop we will delve into what you have learned about yourself, who you want to be now. You will hear yourselves proclaim it to each other. Again, we will tap into the energy of Cellular Wisdom that will allow you to unfold more of your greatness!  We’ll take time to explore what might stop you and craft ways, energetic and neural pathways to help you navigate these challenges, just as you navigated your way through the forest, or on the river in your rendezvous with nature.  We will discover your personal portals to power.  Finally, I will lead you in designing personal strategies to implement the actions required to create the life your desire.

Where else BEFORE the rush of the holiday season begins can you so thoroughly and completely nourish your own being and communicate with the truth that wants to emerge within you NOW?

Don’t hesitate!  Visit, or call toll-free, 877-595-8622.