Ah, the deep joy of being back in Colorado, walking the canyon roads, welcomed by the sky, the trees and the movement of energy in the Universe! Today I got the news from an array of DNA tests done on the removed tumor that the score is high for recurrance. This indicates that chemotherapy to target rapidly dividing cells, characteristically cancer cells, is necessary – something I already knew. I learned some of the details of chemotherapy infusion today, 1/2 hr of pre-medication, then 1 hr infusion of taxotere (which prevents cell division by preventing the microtubules in the cell from forming – a step that is necessary in cell division)  followed by 1 hr infusion of cytoxan (which also prevents cell division by preventing DNA from unwinding – a step necessary for new cells to form.)

Throughout this all, I know I am connecting with deeper and deeper dimensions of my being. I know that underneath the apparent dysfunction, ALL IS WELL! This is truth. AND I choose to live at this deeper level where all is well.

Tonight I participate in a Gala for Colorado Women of Influence. I will be speaking on :

“Say YES to Life!

Y = There is a
WHY for your life
and every challenge
you face.

E = Embrace life
let go of your

S = See and seize
your beauty and
greatness within.

I have had bookmarks made for the event. See what they look like.