Last night in a brightly lit meeting room in the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins, CO, I entered a new life. Women, thriving women, who faced or are facing breast cancer were called together to be “models” in the October 23rd event of “Hope Lives.”  The mission of Hope Lives Breast Cancer Support Center, founded in 2001 by Lydia Dody, is to “Support and Strengthen those touched by Breast Cancer by providing Care, Guidance & Education” at no cost.

Sitting in the room surrounded by Women Who THRIVE I felt their compassion and authentic caring.  Going through their experiences of multiple surgeries for many, chemotherapy and radiation had deepened their being. They reached out to me a newbie, telling me “Call me, anytime. I mean ANYTIME. If you need to cry or talk or ask if something is normal or not – truly ANYTIME.” Others shared, “You will feel a tiredness you have never felt before, you cannot describe. Do not fight it. Go with it.”

I have heard sports players like Michael Jordon comment that when they play with superior players, it raises the level of their own playing. Others talk of the impact of being with great people. I felt that each of us in that room was contributing to the vibrancy of the others. We raised each other up. It was a glorious experience of resonance – a field of heightened energy. I left with a strong feeling of loving connectedness.
Thank You ALL!

These were my thoughts as I walked the canyon this morning.