This morning walking in the canyon I slipped into deeper dimensions of my being, to a place that ALL IS WELL regardless of apparent chaos. I am reminded that this energy, life energy, underlies EVERYTHING, even what we perceive as dysfunction. The reality is this is the only energy out of which everything else emerges. Ah, the joy of sinking into this energy, consciously and deliberately, KNOWING that ALL IS WELL!

Come there with me, my friends, and let us ALL know the true reality. There is only one energy underlying everything. It might appear distorted, but that is NOT truth. Truth is ALL IS WELL!

The Colorado Women of Influence Gala, in addition to recognizing 22 Women of Vision recognized the following:

Women to Watch  – Susan Bock, Heidi Olinger and Mechelle Beddoe

Rising Star – Grace Hanley

Woman of Courage – Linda Wheeler Holloway

Woman of Inspiration – Dr. Temple Grandin

READ about these fabulous women in the Awardees_2010.

In my previous communication I mentioned I was honored to be named
International Woman of Vision.