Arrived Toronto last night and caught up with friends and colleagues, scientists we encounter here and around the world. The network is strong as we engage each other not simply exchanging advances in work but in probing deeper. A couple of them reminded me they were with my husband when I told him the news of the diagnosis – breast cancer. Others revealed that they, too, had faced the disease. Conversations deepened and we connected as humans traveling the journey of life together.

Today we’ve walked a bit around Toronto and appreciated the many ethnic sectors of the city. Sushimi and Nigeri in the Asian sector was just wonderful. Now we are settling into the room – doing some work before tonight’s reception and dinner with my colleague and friend, Dorothy.

The web of human connection continues to amaze me with its depth, caring and resonance. It is the foundation of the rapid rapport that emerges when you see someone you have not seen in some time. It is as though no time has separated the conversations, yet months maybe years have past since you have been in each other’s presence. How grateful I am for such beautiful connection.