A Month and a day – following “My Call to Personal Greatness!”

//A Month and a day – following “My Call to Personal Greatness!”

A Month and a day – following “My Call to Personal Greatness!”

Beautiful blue skies and sunshine awaited us as we walked today. Judith, thanks for a lovely walk. During the walk my incisions felt itchy. Yet, I was delighted to accept this discomfort as I know it signals healing.  Yesterday, it was grey and overcast, but I was glad to walk nonetheless. Earlier in the day I lacked energy, so I rested. Then in the afternoon I wanted to walk.  Thanks to my husband, Stu, for a lovely walk.

Today I am dressed and ready to drive to Fort Collins for the first time since surgery. I am having my hair “done.”  Amazing how what I took as routine upkeep becomes a very special event when you anticipate losing your hair in the near future. I will enjoy this experience more than I have before.

In general, it seems like I am “digging deeper” into life. Nothing is ordinary. Everything is SO special.

I am happy for this respite between surgery and chemotherapy.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.  Let us together enjoy experiencing our deeper levels of being.

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