I am so grateful to Karen Martin, Lymphatic Drainage Specialist,  at the Longmont Health Center of Integrated Therapies. Karen is truly devoted to her profession and has excellent training in the US and abroad. She measured my arms and lo and behold, the left arm (the side of the lumpectomy) is smaller than the right arm. I so expected her to find a swollen arm. There is a bit of swelling under my arm, but my discomfort seems to come from the traumatic effect of surgery on the tissues – leading to a tightening. Soft tissue message loosens up the tightness.  Thanks Karen for all your help.

Thanks Annette and Sandi for the walk this morning.

I have new appreciation for living life moment by moment.  Today I have the strength and commitment to handle today’s challenges. Tomorrow I will have the strength and commitment to handle tomorrow’s challenges.

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. 
Abraham Lincoln