Ah, one week after Chemo #2 and my energy is returning. It is as though I resurrect into the light after being in the dark place of utter fatigue for the week. I attended a Colorado Women of Influence Advisory Meeting early this morning in Loveland, CO. It was a delight to be with my colleagues once again – not since June have I had this honor. Here are some of us, Ann Clarke, the founder of Colorado Women of Influence , myself, Andrienne Zoble, founder of Broads on Business.com and Debbie Davis, Branch President / Commercial Lender at Guaranty Bank & Trust. See Ann on this month’s cover of BE Magazine of Colorado.

Dew In The Morning
(Resurrection) by Raymond A. Foss

Dew in the morning
Burst my slumber, stupor, coma
Caught me from numbness,
Unseeing eyes
Dulled senses

Forced sight, perception
Out my door
Vivid, to be seen,
Felt, understood

a silence, a stillness,
not in the scene; but in me
woke me more
than the sun had stirring my sleep

7 am
My world awakes
There’s dew in the morning.

Rush of rich, deep color
Eyes drink in the snapshots, slides,
Recurring refrain –
Dew in the morning

Allowing me to see
All of nature
Alive then, as they had been all along
Whispering a secret
Through my new sight

A carpet of moss
By the morning mist,
God’s breath
Trapped on the needles, hairs

Small, private, spider webs
Before my feet
Caught pearls of dew,
fine tapestry
Outlining their maker’s artistry.

Every tip of the serrated
Wild strawberry leaves is gilded
With a morning’s tea r.

New birch leaves
Are ever greener.
Their skin and veins
More animate

Crown of each green
Blueberry clutches,
Lovingly, gently
A single living dewdrop.

Panes of mica in the
Granite underfoot
Hold a special sheen.
Reflecting the warming light

My world is brighter,
And I am alive

When there is
Dew in the morning.