Judith Hamman

“Coaching your mastery” comes from the belief that mastery is already within each of us. This is where Judith begins with her clients, celebrating each person’s mastery and helping uncover each person’s own power and genius.

 Then we move to discovery, clarification and engagement. When you can clarify your life’s purpose and engage with it, you can begin to fully believe in yourself.  The result of this work is profound; you’ll find constancy during change, you’ll make clearer decisions, and find deeper life meanings. 

 Pro-active tools, both personal and financial, free up your energy and enable long-term success.

 With this strong foundation comes powerful innovations that emerge through the special coaching collaboration. The proof is in the changed lives that continue to expand beyond the coaching experience.

 For Judith, coaching is a potent blending of previous careers. As CEO and real estate developer, Judith learned and exercised leadership skills, team building, strategic planning, and change management when she headed a team that created public and private partnerships for large-scale infrastructure projects. During that time, she ran a family foundation that served both a community and a university in Indiana.

 Judith is also a skilled educator. She holds a Masters Degree in Special Education with a specialty in working with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She organized and ran significant projects allowing both hearing impaired and disadvantaged children and adults to respond to a changing world in more dynamic ways. She also taught hearing impaired children and adults in the classroom.

 These varied skills led her to do her coach training with Dr. Joan King. Dr. King is a visionary author, international speaker, neuroscientist, master certified coach and coach trainer.

 Judith is certified as a coach through Success Unlimited Network, and is an affiliate of Joan C. King Ph.D. of Beyond Success. She is also a Certified Financial Coach tm through the CFC – Board of Governors.

 Professional memberships include the International Coach Federation, ICF and the Denver Coach Federation, DCF.