"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult."
(Roman Philosopher, 4 BC - 65 AD)

Coaching To Evoke Your Greatness

7. How can I help you learn?

Joan’s success coaching, nationally and internationally, has had overwhelmingly positive results - but the time may not be right to engage her one-on-one services at the moment. Luckily, Joan's wise words and encouraging guidance are available in many forms: books, audio streams, webinars, even retreats.

Draw on one of the many resources that Dr. Joan King can offer you, and take

your first step on the journey to unlocking your greatness.

Mini Retreats:

Experience a break from your routine, and fill the space with concentrated personal coaching in Loveland, Colorado. Enlightening discussions, talks, and exercises will help you uncover your essential truths, and start planning the journey to your greatest desires.

Thursday - Sept 24, 2009:

"Discover Your True Path to Success"

DESCRIPTION: www.beyond-success.com/website/Retreat.com


Can't be there in person? Joan's webinars come directly from her workshops, so it's like having personal coaching with the Dr. herself…wherever you are in the world!

Webinars are affordable, effective classes that can provide just enough guidance to keep you on track with your life goals, without a large time investment and financial burden.

Topics are relevant and organized to provide the building blocks you need on your way up!

What's your next step on the path to success?
Purchase the Webinar ONLY for $25
"Take Time"
Think through possibilities, directions, and ways to create the success you want.
Purchase the Webinar ONLY for $25
Embrace smart risks and dare to explore.
Purchase the Webinar ONLY for $25
Identify and align inner and outer resources.
Purchase the Webinar ONLY for $25
"U - You"
It's up to you to make your own success.
Purchase the Webinar ONLY for $25
Purchase the Webinar ONLY for $25

Purchase all 6 Webinars ONLY for $120.

Jolt of JoanTM :

Truly the easiest way to access Joan's wisdom - and your own - on a daily basis. A Jolt of JoanTM, delivered to you every week, is the perfect thing to start you off on Monday morning, at no cost. Hearing Joan's encouraging voice and refocusing advice can work wonders on your attitude and sense of your overarching goals.

Don't sit down to an overwhelming pile of work on Monday - sit down to a Jolt of Joan!

Subscribe to a weekly "Jolt of Joan" - a 2-minute audio recording, jam-packed with inspiration-to take a step toward your success every week. Listen to the recording anytime.

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Coaching Tips from Joan:

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