"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare. It is because we do not dare that things are difficult."
(Roman Philosopher, 4 BC - 65 AD)

Coaching To Evoke Your Greatness

5. How can I help you create success in your business/career/profession in a way that energizes you?

As a coach, Joan partners with you to find the deeper truths that will inform the direction you take your professional life. Joan will ask you how your current work serves your future dreams. She’ll ask you to envision and articulate an ideal professional scenario. She’ll have you prioritize the things you do to ensure you’re putting your energy in the right places. She’ll help you clarify goals, create a timeline, identify steps to take and hold you to them. Whether it’s executive coaching or assisting a major career/business change, Joan King makes sure her clients see clear, positive change come out of her coaching.

  • Do you feel that your business/career/profession is coming to a dead end?
  • Do you see colleagues advancing or their businesses thriving while you seem to remain stationary?
  • Are you happy with your income-but unhappy with your work?
  • Do you dream of a career change, but worry about the consequences?

From individual professional coaching to group business coaching workshops, Joan King’s aim as a business/career/professional coach is to help her clients tap into an inner wisdom - which then becomes the foundation for a concrete plan and series of actions towards attaining your goals and dreams.

Through Joan's Eight-Month Professional Coaching Program, you will see results - but better yet, you'll have the tools to continue making wise and fulfilling business/career/professional choices, for the rest of your life.


Joan can make any of her business and executive coaching programs work with your schedule and specific focus, including programs both for individuals and companies/groups.

1. Eight Months to Meaningful Professional Success

2. Organizational Programs
Are you a part of or in charge of a group of people who are facing similar professional challenges? Either in person or via telephone, Joan can serve your group by designing specialized programs with specific goals and logistics. For recently laid-off employees, companies in transition, or social groups who wish to take advantage of Joan's skills, contact her today for more information on how your group's individuals could evoke their greatness - with Joan as their guide.

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