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6/27/12 – We are still on pre-evacuation notice – Join me in sending protective energy to ALL affected by the Colorado Fires

We are still on pre-evacuation notice and others have not yet been allowed to their homes in Redstone Canyon. Fires continue to erupt and rage across Colorado.  Please join me in sending protective energy to ALL affected by the fires. (CNN) — Predicted thunderstorms could complicate efforts Wednesday to tame an explosive wildfire that has […]

Tuesday 6/26/12 – Ooooooooo Laaaaaaa Laaaaaa – the day we go HOME

Last night at the citizens meeting of a large crowd of people we learned that the firefighters had a very productive day on Monday. Some of the residents were told we could return after 6 pm. We jumped for joy and tears ran down our faces – You should have seen us all. There was […]

June 25, 2012 – Monday Morning Report – High Park Fire

Encouraging news! Though we did not get rain, the fire line in the north end of Redstone Canyon is reported to be solid and holding. It is described  as “cold”  with low risk at this point. However there are still some small areas of active fire on nearby Christ Mountain, which crews are working hard […]

Sunday – 6/24/12 – sounds like THUNDER

Sounds like thunder!

Sunday June 24, 2012 – 2 weeks after evacuating – 11 fires in Colorado

Attention is diverted to the 11 fires in Colorado Around the main fire perimeter, south of Poudre Canyon, crews will continue to secure containment lines on the southeast (that’s us) and west flanks. Notice the perimeter facing us is “red” while other areas of the perimeter is “black.” Fire is NOT contained in the “red” […]

Saturday, June 23, 2012 – Channel 7 news Denver – Interview airs tonight at 5pm

More of Amanda’s interview with me will air at 5 pm – Channel 7 news Denver  

Saturday, June 23, 2012, Updated map – Fire moving in our direction

The rectangle marks the position of our home. The fire is moving in our direction These times by Joan C. King These are the times that stretch the boundaries of our being if we allow it though sad and uncertain as I was before visiting with dear friends we can choose to open to new dimensions […]

Saturday June 23, 2012 – Morning Report – High Park Fire GROWS

 Blue circle indicates the position of our home Blue arrows show the “red border” not contained Containment Decreases As High Park Fire Grows Firefighters continue to have their hands full and then some with the  enormous fire. After gaining some ground on the High Park fire, crews saw some of their progress diminished as the fire […]

Friday – June 22, 2012 – News about the Fire-wall

 When can we return home? We knew the fire line in the north end of Redstone was damaged by the fire storm last Sunday but thought it simply needed to be re-secured. That is not the case as  the damage done by the storm was much more severe – it obliterated the containment line completely […]

“Creativity and our cells” TEDx Loveland CO talk by Joan

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