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“Seek the LIGHT!” A Jolt of Joan for the week of April 25, 2011

Listen to this week’s Jolt of Joan “Seek the LIGHT!”

“Lift UP your eyes and SEE!” – A Jolt of Joan – for the week of 4/18/11

Listen to A Jolt of Joan work for 4/18/11 “Lift UP your eyes and SEE!”

“Express Your Gratitude!” – A Jolt of Joan – for the week of 4/11/11

Listen to Joan’s podcast this week “Express Your Gratitude!”

Good news – Crystal fire is 45% contained roadblock lifted

Good news! When I answered the phone and heard the recording begin “This is the Sheriff’s office….” I was almost sprinting to start gathering up the cats. However, as the recording continued I heard “This is an informational call.” I breathed. “The Crystal fire is 45% contained. We will be lifting the roadblock this afternoon.” […]

Update from Larimer County – 20 min ago – today!

The fire is approximately 3,200 acres and 15% contained. The Rocky Mountain Type 1 Incident Management Team took over management last night. The Type 1 Team relieves local fire resources to be available for initial attack response. Firefighters will focus on line construction today and utilize helicopters if weather conditions allow. No houses burned last […]

Lightly snowing in Redstone Canyon – this morning!

Hooray! At this moment it is lightly snowing in Redstone Canyon. This should help fight the Crystal Fire so that no more homes will be destroyed and no more evacuations ordered! Today I am speaking to Step Up to your Next level of SUCCESS! 11:30 am – 1 pm at the Ptarmigan Country Club 5416 […]

Update on the Crystal Fire – near our home in Redstone Canyon

For the first time firefighters now have a presentable and pretty accurate map of the fire perimeters which they now estimate to be around 3,500 acres. Today could be a rough ride. Last night the sheriff’s office sent out emergency phone notifications to several areas advising of the potential for high winds and a rekindled fire situation today. If […]

High winds expected to return to fan Crystal fire today – near our home in Redstone Canyon, Colorado

Last night about 10 pm we got a reverse 911 call telling us that we might have to evacuate, again. After evacuating Sunday morning at 3:30 am and wondering all day whether we had a home to return to or not, we were allowed to return home Sunday night at 7:30 pm.  The call to […]

“What’s important?” Jolt for April 4, 2011 – Redstone Canyon Fire

We were called to evacuate our home at 3:30 am yesterday morning. The Crystal fire was coming into Redstone Canyon. We spent most of the day not knowing if we would have a home to come home to.  The weather helped firefighters. Whereas it has been dry and warm, actually 84 degrees in Denver on […]

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