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Infuse the season with meaning: seeing beyond…

Infuse the season with meaning: seeing beyond… Joan C. King Growing up family gatherings during the holidays were times to evaluate your success, your weight, etc. I always wondered why these topics loomed large in conversation. This year I want to infuse the season with true meaning. I want to see beyond the facade of […]

Beginning the ascent – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

Beginning the ascent Joan C. King As I begin the ascent from the depths I feel a stirring of life energies within. This stirring brings new life energy. What a glorious feeling to touch, once again, the vitality of life force. I rejoice in the resurrection. AND I prepare for the 6.5 weeks of daily […]

“Make it EASY!” – A Jolt of Joan – Audio for the week of 11/29/10

Listen to this week’s Jolt of Joan “Make it EASY!”

Seeing beyond – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

Create a NEW story – Seeing beyond Joan C. King This Thanksgiving let us create a NEW story seeing beyond the isolation to true unity which underlies our lives originating from a single life force. Let us look beyond and see the yearning for love that underlies harsh words; the strength that underlies apparent weakness; […]

Anticipating the abyss – one day after my last (6th) Chemo – following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

Today, I find myself anticipating sinking into the abyss, welcoming the deep quietude it will bring. Suspending activity, I am carried into a place deep in the interior of my being. The light shines within and there is little movement. I have not known this place before. I wonder will I be able to access […]

“Create a NEW Story!” – A Jolt of Joan – podcast – for the week of Nov. 22, 2010

We create the stories of our lives, our relationships… What story are you living in? Listen to Joan’s Podcast “Create a NEW Story!”

“Say “YES” to life” – a talk given yesterday to the Berthoud Chamber of Commerce

Handout_Berrthoud_Chamber_2010a Here is a gift for you the handout, which includes working sheets of the talk given yesterday to the Berthoud Chamber of Commmerce. Click on the title above and use the handout to “Say YES to life!”

Receiving the LAST chemo today! following “My Personal Call to Greatness!”

Receiving my LAST chemo treatment at the hospital as I am writing this. I am so GRATEFUL that I have been able to sustain all 6 of the chemo treatments. Tomorrow, I return for infusion of fluids and an injection of Nulastin then CHEMO is over. I want to thank all of you for caring […]

Pictures from San Diego, en route to Coronado and in La Jolla, taken Nov. 14, 2010

In La Jolla replacing a hat I lost in recent travels! At the Coronado Grande Hotel grounds! At stop at the ocean leaving Coronado!

“The POWER of ideas!” A Jolt of Joan for the week of Nov. 15 – from San Diego

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