Joan's Complete Vitae


"Over the last year, my life has completely changed. I am absolutely amazed at how having her as a mentor has helped me to process things quickly, move forward, and take control of my dreams. She has inspired me to be everything that I am."

MEAGAN M. O'NAN, Life on Purpose & Author of Creating Your Heaven on Earth

"Reading Cellular Wisdom is an adventure of the mind and soul: the laboratory of the body seen as the temple of spirit. Few scientists living could achieve what Dr. Joan King has done here."

JEAN HOUSTON, PH.D., Author—A Mythic Life

"When I first started working with Joan, my life felt like a mess. Joan has helped me build a solid foundation for how I want to live and be in this world. Working with her has been truly a gift."

KERRI J. GEARY, Owner—Compassionate Embrace: Mind Body Spirit Guidance for Survivors

"Joan King is one of those rare jewels that a person is lucky to meet in a lifetime. She combines the wisdom of the ages, the purity of heart of a child, and a wicked thirst for adventure. She brings an extraordinary, courageous and undaunted approach to the journey called life."

PAULA E. CHAUNCEY, Managing Partner, Étre, LLC.

"I have clearly discovered through this experience/training the incredible value of coaching from Cellular WisdomTM to both coach and client. The Cellular Wisdom level reveals the truth of spirit found deep in each person that would not be available through a standard coaching powerful question methodology. All other methods pale significantly in comparison."

Teri Haggerty, PPC, 2007

"Joan is a master of taking complex information and bundling it into powerful products and services that enable people to apply these concepts and transform their lives."

SUE TAIGMAN, Clear Choice Coaching and Mediation

"Joan has an extraordinary wealth of personal and professional knowledge and experience with the grace to know exactly what to say, in few words, to evoke maximum enlightenment and action."

RICHARD E. FORGAY II, Executive and Entrepreneural Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Author—Rick Forgay Leadership Institute

"Joan helped me realize that making a move out of state was the right thing to do simply by asking me, ‘What if this is the perfect solution?’ My husband has had no health problems and we have been able to enjoy our beautiful surroundings together ever since thanks to Joan’s coaching."

JUDY AMLING, Owner—Amling Enterprises